Sunday, 7 May 2017

The Strategic Genius of Jeremy Corbyn's Long Run Visionary Plan for Britain

Corbyn's tactical genius is clear to those taking a profoundly dialectical approach to the policies of the Leader. By shifting weight from his personality and the emphasis upon winning at any cost on to policies and repositioning the party as a genuine alternative, Corbyn's temporary failure in 2017 could mean eventual success.

Given that a large proportion of the PLP is ranged against the will of the membership in electing Corbyn, the temporary failure of Labour in historically inevitable. Yet by ridding the party of its deadweight Blair era MPs in the election, as they lose their seats right and centre, Corbyn could then take the party left to win.

Corbyn knows he faces a 'challenge of historic proportions' and the frustration with him reflects the fact he is playing a long strategic game. With Theresa May aiming at a hard exit for Britain, Corbyn is ready to sacrifice those who are expendable and have constantly plotted Blairite coups against the members.

When the historically inevitable discontent develops as Brexit proceeds, Corbyn's policies would be able to attract back Labour's core vote away from UKIP and Theresa May's workerist rhetorical conjuring tricks. The people would see through the right wing promises of national British resurrection.

Corbyn always has a vision of History and identifies with it as destiny. He knows that Britain is heading into a revolutionary period and one of radical street protest and agitation to demand ordinary people get a voice once more not only within a Parliament hitherto nothing more than a pantomime theatre but in the workplace.

A democratic long revolution is at hand with Corbyn's strategy clearly well under wraps. The Blairites are daily plotting their coup and Corbyn's low key campaign is designed to keep them paranoid and sweating it out, inviting them to make a hasty and disastrous putsch against both the party and the people.

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