Monday, 29 May 2017

Notes on How "Extremism" May be Countered in Britain.

Theresa May wants to set up a 'Commission for Countering Extremism'. Maybe she ought to start by looking at why as Home Secretary, MI5 was removing control orders from active and known Islamists by giving them their passports back and recruiting British Libyans in Manchester and fast-tracking them towards battle.

Then May might also ask why Ramadan Abedi, the father of the suicide bomber and former member of the Libya Islamic Fighting Group, ( affiliated with Al Qaeda ) was allowed freedom to come and go with his son from Britain directly into a war zone and why Salman Abedi was not among the 3000 actively monitored by MI5.

It might be thought 'extremist' to support using the RAF to support jihadi rebels in taking over Libya and creating a failed state and ungoverned space in which British born jihadists became part of a network extending right back into Manchester. May gave full support to that war, just as she did to the Iraq War before it.

Then, finally, Theresa May can look at the huge funding given to Salafi-Islamist ideology by the Gulf States which support global jihad and are Britain's supposed 'allies'. Including Qatar which bankrolled and provided training to the Libyan rebels in conjunction, it is thought, with British special forces ( the SAS ).

Of course, that would mean questioning whether the deep strategic alliance is justified more by the 'national security' aims it purportedly advances or whether it is the value of the lucrative arms deals with both Saudi Arabia and Qatar that trump domestic security in Britain. After all, May can't even call 'extremism' by it's name.

Jihadi Islamism is connected to the Wahhabi and Salafi Islam promoted through Britain's special relationship with the US and Saudi Arabia, one that since the late Cold War has depended upon advancing jihadi forces against states whose power stands in the way of realising strategic geopolitical resource interests.

Until such time as the foreign policy is changed, the foreign policy is contributing to creating entire regions of the planet where jihadi forces have been able to create bases as a launch pad for further terrorist attacks in the immediate region against the 'Near Enemy' and then further afield to hit the 'Far Enemy', meaning the Western Powers.

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