Wednesday, 3 May 2017

The Danger of Brexit : May's New National Security State Power .

( Fake conservatism ) means tearing down everything to clear a path for capital. This is the form that prevails today in Britain, in the United States and across much of the world. Its mission is the destruction of the norms, the values, the institutions, the public properties and the public protections that impede the scope for profit-taking

The promise of Brexit was that we would regain sovereignty over our affairs. But May’s plans will achieve the opposite. Sovereignty will reside in the executive, while parliamentary scrutiny is curtailed. Nothing will be safe from what modern conservatives gleefully describe as creative destruction.

The reason is as follows. In converting European law into UK law through the so-called great repeal bill, the government will grant itself the power, as its white paper states, “to correct the statute book where necessary”. “Correcting the statute book” will come to be seen as one of the great political euphemisms of our time.

The corrections will take the form of secondary legislation, which means using something called a statutory instrument. The government estimates that 800 to 1,000 of these instruments will be required – on top of the usual total – and their impact will be profound, as they are dealing with huge issues.

George Monbiot, Calling True Conservatives, Stop the Fake Ones Destroying Britain.

Brexit is irreversible but Monbiot is right that the danger is that Britain could become an authoritarian-national security and surveillance state under PM Theresa May. Brexit is as an important event in British history as was Thomas Cromwell's Tudor Reformation, the process by which England first broke away from 'being in Europe'.

Statutory instruments would no doubt be used by May to ram through all manner of legislation. Much of it could have destructive effects on liberties and upon the seizure of land and despoliation of the common weal for the purpose purely of profit for those serving and being served by an unaccountable and remote elite.

The promise of Brexit was seized upon by those elites in what is effectively yet another Blairite style power grab, using the centralised control machine created by Blair's regime to exploit the fracturing and fragmentation of the European Union and popular discontent with it, to reposition Britain in the 21st century.

The forthcoming destruction of the Labour Party, as the electoral force that could challenge the new authoritarian national security state, could provide the occasion to create a new party that accepts the decline of the EU and Leave vote but positions itself to mitigate a domestic power grab in the name of restored sovereignty.

History is not a linear progression but cyclical. The coming decades will see a reprise of struggles against arbitrary power that have marked English history from he outset and those of the rest of the Isles. The Labour Party is declining and the Tories are becoming a new form of radical National British Party.

While May is a hybrid leader clone of Thatcher ( Gloriana fighting Europe ), John Major ( grey, average, suburban ) and Blair ( 'strong and stable government' ), she is less a conservative than a believer in a radical authoritarian tradition, one in which centralised power is akin to previous ideas about 'thorough government'.

May's ideal is of Britain acting as Global Player, a national security state making up for declining trade with Europe with corrupt arms deals with the Gulf States, ceding control to unaccountable offshore capital interests and making Britain the mercenary client whore of theocratic despotisms such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain.

The blowback from the jihadists once aligned with movements backed and bankrolled by the Gulf States threatens to drag Britain into tying up its fortunes with these state through its deepening strategic and bilateral trade ties. Concealing details of corrupt deals and playing power games with terror threats is business-as-usual.

May has pushed through surveillance legislation that is the most extensive anywhere and those combining to oppose this themselves could start to find themselves conflated with 'enemies within'. While May's regime berates Russia as 'national security threat', Britain could have its own version of Putin's state or, more likely, Trump's USA.

A new Brexit State would have a pliant media, already ranked 40th globally as one that is free, with SKY News dominated once more by Rupert Murdoch; telecreens would be everywhere pouring out slanted propaganda in grotty Wetherspoon Pubs and public spaces, featuring ubiquitous terrorists and grotesque internal enemies.

Brexit opponents and even judges upholding the rule of law as regards Parliament's sovereign role in passing Brexit legislation have already been labelled 'enemies of the people' in the mass media. Corbyn has been depicted as a sinister figure denying bombs for our brave boys while plotting to land heavy taxation bombshells on 'the people'.

The General Election of 2017, which is going to see the ruthless and media controlled demolition of Jeremy Corbyn, is a sign of what any party or movement would face if it challenged the national security state, not least if its lead by humbugging figures with no steel or backbone such as the witless Labour leader.

Opposition to the New Establishment cannot any longer be lead by 'nice' people who want to appear friendly but by those prepared to cut through propaganda spin with a devotion to hard facts, logic and evidence. Power needs to be challenged head on, the reality of resource wars outlined, the dangers of terror and state repression exposed.

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