Saturday, 6 May 2017

Jeremy Corbyn's Vision of Democracy Beyond Parliament.

It was reported that some with the Labour Party have thought about promising proportional representation. McDonnell, in the past, has been one of them, and it would be one way of rallying those who are opposed to May's form of Brexit and those who voted Leave out of disillusion with both Labour and the Tories.

Putting forwards proportional representation in the current circumstances would be a defence of democratic representative politics and would offer a future way out of this chaos. It would provide an opportunity for those being disenfranchised by May's Brexit to join to create a mass movement for Reform.

The Westminster system in Britain is wholly dysfunctional in that cannot give representation to entire swathes of the population. May is going to push through Brexit unopposed. It's possible , even if Corbyn goes, that Labour is going to still not promise electoral reform through putting party above national interest.

Blairites will be plotting a leadership coup. That could well lead to the members actually re-electing Corbyn because Corbyn would stand down but always be ready to stand up again if the members demand. That's his technique. He dresses up power hunger by 'general will of the people' manoeuvring.

Corbyn has positioned himself just the funnel for the people's will, prophet of a future utopia where all will count and count on him to count them in. His game is quite clear once understood for what it is. This way he could survive as leader is the reason he is so casual about this election and his chances of losing.

Only PR voting could rally people and as leader of the only party that could bring a practical measure of democratisation to Britain, he simply retains that silence of his. Again, Corbyn is actually putting power before principle while pretending he is all principle in contrast to Blair who was only about power.

Corbyn isn't interested in pre-election promises of electoral reform: his mission is to seize power not to rebrand Britain but to remake it in his imagination as a democratic experiment at every level with worker's democracy everywhere taking root at the people's feet. It's a version of Winstanley's C17th Digger vision updated.

PR is a distraction from a centralised power lunch at the centre so that greater democracy could be bestowed to 'the people' later. The difference is that Corbyn wants to choose to do this by positioning himself as a Bennite 'collegiate' leader and low key opponent of the open leader role that Blair sought.

In fact, the irony is that Corbyn is firmly Blairite in believing in central control and devolving power down even more radically to the individual so that they could work towards the Leader at the centre, having Jeremy as Big Friend, the one who leads by re-education and being kind while others are evil and sinister.

Corbyn's moral example to humanity and warm inclusive politics could mean cold uninclusive sections of 'the people' might themselves be excluded. Power is the power not to lord it over one another but to accept binding people's decisions, motivated by Jeremy as prophet of the ignored out there in Britain and the World over.

Those who don't see how Jeremy is empowering them might need to disempowered so the people's wisdom can prevail. Corbyn is stuck in a radical 1970s Islington time capsule where the power of the imagination and a new world dawning for the saints is arising in the hearts of people everywhere, at least for Momentum.

Corbyn would not want PR as it could effectively sideline him in any 'progressive alliance'. And he believes he is really at one with the people, knowing what they really want is power for him to empower them to empower him to empower them all the more. Corbyn's revolution is one of ever higher love all the way.

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