Friday, 19 May 2017

Notes on Jeremy Corbyn, Noam Chomsky and National Security Threats.

Noam Chomsky's intervention and approval of Labour under Momentum could well be timely in that as the last month of the General Election campaign as Corbyn makes headway with getting the policy messages across and which raise the possibility of a popular alternative. The need to destroy it with propaganda is coming.

Even words like 'Corbynista' are loaded words as the imply anyone who is for Corbyn as a politician as Labour leader is some sort of Latin American style revolutionary, similar to the 'Chavistas' of Chavez's '21st Century Socialism in Venezuela'. Corbyn's past as firebrand is already saved up as the evil folk demon card to be played.

As Corbyn seems to make some headway, the Tory propaganda machine will move from portraying Corbyn in the last few weeks not merely as an agent of chaos but as a dangerous national security threat : the focus will switch laser like in to zapping Corbyn with the rhetorical equivalent of Drone strikes.

Corbyn will be 'pro-Kremlin stooge', supporter of Hamas and Hizbollah terrorists, apologist for the Soviet Union-or just a communist-and a figure who would talk to ISIS or allow terrorist attacks to happen and remove Britain's defences. The fear card will be played if Corbyn looks as though he might be an alternative.

The Tories have every reason to transform the Brexit Election into a democratic form of coup 'detat, portraying Corbyn as both a threat to Britain's higher national interests and as a sneering enemy within who would both sabotage Britain's position with the EU. weaken its hand and destroy the vital special relationship with the US.

Chomsky is probably aware of Corbyn's potential sacrifice, as it falls in with his idea that big business corporations and money power in fact created a manufactured political consensus that is not to be challenged from outside by grassroots political movements. Corbyn could be a sort of Allende style figure in Chile.

Given that the US probably is not positioning itself for supporting a fascist coup in Britain, as in Chile in 1973, the emphasis would be on the way propaganda conflates a genuine alternative with an enemy within and how the national surveillance and security state could be used to force through a Tory led Brexit.

Even so, as Corbyn subverts and overturns the assumption he was merely a 'lame duck leader', corporate mainstream media is set to act as a pliant tool of the government in spreading the message that a vote for Corbyn is a vote for chaos and the destruction of the United Kingdom itself in the face of the EU.

The right-wing media has already demonised liberal leftists as 'enemies of the people' for insisting on constitutional rulings in the way Brexit bills are passed. Gove is vying for an essential position linking the May government with Murdoch's retake of SKY News: his idea of seamless threats within and without could chime with the times.

As Brexit, a domestic and foreign policy agenda rolled into one, proceeds, the perceived danger of internal factions within and without the Labour Party conspiring to sabotage Brexit by covert means and sinister devious manoeuvring will become a routine staple of tabloid propaganda, led by agents of change like Gove.

Gove has already compared Brexit with the English Reformation of Tudor times when Britain's special path to modernity apart from the European continent was launched. Gove has compared his own role in the Leave campaign and vision of Britain as one, a renewed Protestant repositioning of the UK as a Global Power.

For the Tories as effectively a New National British Party and the Establishment, Corbyn is regarded as an asset that could deliver success by being 'extreme'. Yet the fact he's actually coming across better than expected means that to get the strong and stable government with strong negotiating hand, Corbyn is a threat.

The iron heel approach in Britain would never involve the use of the military for political purposes, unless violent anarchy and violence broke out if Brexit lead to economic chaos and political revolution. This is unlikely. But it could involve May using the security state and spies to assert control over the state against enemies.


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