Monday, 29 May 2017

A Note On Senator John McCain, Putin and Libya

'Putin is a bigger threat than IS'.

So claims Senator John McCain, the blockhead who called the Al Qaeda affiliated rebel militias fighting to overthrow Colonel Gaddafi 'patriots who want to liberate their nation'. As soon as the Libya uprising broke out, McCain muscled in hard to align with the rebel militias and was photographed with Belhadj

These sorts of patriot then went on to assassinate Younnis, their own rebel commander, murder the US Ambassador Chris Stevens in 2012 and then help plunge Libya into a new dark age  which made it a new 'Somalia-on-the-Mediterranean'. Needless to say, IS was present as a force in 2014, especially in the town of Derna.

It's clearly no surprise in creating another failed state where IS could gain ground that he regards Putin as more dangerous than IS. The question is whether McCain is more of a threat to global peace than Putin. After all, whereas Putin has bemoaned the collapse of the USSR in 1991 as geopolitical catastrophe, for McCain the Cold War never ended.

Then again, when a failed politician has helped create another failed state and where Putin is actually gaining influence with a certain new strongman in Libya called General Haftar-one who is actually fighting jihadists-it is clear why McCain feels so aggressive and intemperate. It also explains with he thinks Putin is more of a threat than IS.

As appalling as Trump is, McCain would have been an even worse President than either Trump or Hillary Clinton. And that takes some doing.

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