Sunday, 7 May 2017

Jeremy Corbyn is a Softline Radical Emerging Triumphant from Below.

Interview a new member, perhaps someone who’s also joined Momentum, and they are outraged by the way they’re characterised: of course they’re not Trots; of course they’re not hardliners; they just want to do politics differently. Guardian
Corbyn is a strategic lodestar of the Labour Party who does not 'lead' in the conventional sense with any member of his. Each and every member is a seeker after truth from experience. They have Corbyn only as a moral exemplar of what they could and might be if empowered to empower themselves from the Centre out.

Corbyn's followers see and hear in Jeremy a model of doing it for themselves right in the here and now, not in some abstract future utopia or in harking back to a lost past. Policies prevail over personalities and unlike Tony Bliar, Corbyn is simply an authentic being in time and space who is not there to 'market himself'.

Corbyn believes in a new form of leadership as a facilitator of the people through policies that enable them to be valued miniature stars in their own right, with the spark of divinity, so to speak, within all. This would produce synergies in which the humanity in mind would together collectively overcome everyday material realities.

Wisdom and true autonomy comes from without Parliament which is full of pantomime actors. Corbyn is completely different, in this sense, because he wants all the people, as far as possible, to become authentic actor-workers in their own right. Revolution becomes a reality docu-soap from below, not scripted by professional manipulators.

Corbyn is leading an Uprising of the Ordinary and the otherwise Ignored from below where he intends to remain. Revolution is not a violent spectacle. It is, on the contrary, a collective process of everyday decision making free from neoliberal manipulators and rapacious outsiders telling wiser insiders how to do things.

In the NHS it means empowering doctors again to do what they do. In education, it means providing resources for the real experts in the classroom to allow the children to find answers to questions without authority oppressing them from above, free from any targets and the pressure to achieve only on paper.

Children ought to play their way in the world. Liberating the spirit within for all is a great concern for Corbyn. He has taken to heart Taoist teachings and knows that as much, if not more, could be achieved by non-doing than by doing, where everything that need not be done or said won't be and where all arises in order naturally.

Corbyn's non-presence hardly implies him hiding. It is part of his strategy to allow May's sinister national security state to demonise him and show the real nature of their power and how insecure they are in attacking him. It's rather like Obi Wan Kenobi says as Evil Darth Vader ( Theesa May ) attacks him, for him to be stronger.

'If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can ever possibly imagine' .

Corbyn is thus not a hardliner, but a softliner, one who acts as a funnel for the people's wisdom and a gnomic guru who shall overcome through Britain's first domestic experiment in total soft power. Hardness and the grim white rigid mask of power belongs to the sinister authoritarian and security state insider, Theresa May.

Corbyn will maybe endure as Leader long after the Election setback. He is not going to go anywhere fast.

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