Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Syria: Why Britain Wants War

Britain wants to back and be backed by the oil and gas rich states in the Arab League which are hostile to Syria and its ally Iran. The issue of chemical weapons is only important in that if they were used they would give Assad an ultimate advantage over the anti-Assad insurgents.

Syria is in a civil war and British 'public diplomacy' ( an admixture of public relations and propaganda rolled into one ) presents one side is a regime and the other as rebels.When factions of the rebels commit atrocities they are denied to be part of 'the opposition'.

Britain is not wanting to dominate the Middle East. The reality is Britain's is dominated by the Middle East. Qatar owns a large part of the UK economy. It is integrated closely into the EU's economy and it is increasingly dependent upon liquefied natural gas ( LNG ) from Qatar.

It's a 'mutually beneficial partnership'.

Advancing strategic interests in the Gulf region is essential for the continued functioning of Britain's role as a site for Qatari investment, especially in London. Syria is regarded as an ally of the enemy of our Gulf partners who have backed militias against the Assad government.

Cameron's close political ally and friend Boris Johnson, the Maylor of London,  was in Qatar in April 2013 to drum up trade and relations and to promote the mutually beneficial partnership. The non too subtle campaign slogan was 'LONDON IS GREAT Britain'.
“The most important thing about this trip is to see how much it is a two-way process. The UK is one of the biggest exporters to Qatar. We are aiming for forming a partnership in many areas such as academic ventures in higher education, cultural projects, media projects and many more. It is also very encouraging to see what British businesses are doing in Qatar.”
Qatar is a major backer of anti-Assad insurgents and stepped up arms supplies to them on August 25 in the wake of the alleged chemical weapon attack. It wants Assad to go in order to further its plans to build a pipeline to Turkey and to prevent a rival pipeline from Iran via Syria to the Mediterranean.

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