Thursday, 22 August 2013

Syria: The Drive Towards War

Written 11 hours ago.

William Hague was on the BBC a few minutes ago laying the blame for the chemical weapons attack squarely with 'the Assad regime'. No other foreign policy figure has publicly come out with that yet to my knowledge. This attempt to preempt diplomacy between the US and Russia is ominous.

Given that nobody knows the exact facts. Yet this complete fanatic, who was at the forefront of lifting the EU arms embargo to Syria, should refrain from uttering such statements before other diplomats and statesmen convene to discuss it at emergency meetings of the United Nations following inspections of the attack site.

Hague seems to be trying to ramp up the rhetoric in order to prove that his policy of 'Assad Must Go' has been vindicated. Yet that reckless diplomacy helped draw in Iran and make the civil war worse. He is a cretin and should certainly be sacked if it is proved that the Assad regime did not order it.

It's likely the US and Russia will ignore him anyway and Hague is not going to sway Washington to get involved if its vital interests are not at stake. But this crisis now seems to be a lot about 'credibility'. He bears some responsibility for having made this crisis potentially intractable

The fact that Hague lacks any on any extremely dangerous foreign policy issue, while trying so desperately to pretend he doe,s is contemptible and a menace to world peace.

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