Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Syria: Implementing Attacks.

Prime Minister David Cameron's decision to recall of Parliament is not going to stop any decision on military intervention in Syria happening. When Hague was contemplating giving direct military support to the anti-Assad insurgents in June he displayed the same insouciance he does now.
"We have a good record on going to the House of Commons for a vote. There would be a vote one way or another. I can't see any reason why it couldn't be before any such decision was implemented"
As I warned on June 11 2013 Hague took it as a given that it was a formality since the implication of his statement was that it would make no real difference anyway. He referred to a vote before a decision was implemented and not before one was actually made.

Hague knew full well that no vote either way was legally binding then no less than he knows that now with the prospect of cruise missile strikes against the Syrian government being launched. The propaganda machine is in full spin, the media is focusing on the 'implementation' of an attack.

The staunch neoconservative Michael Gove made it quite clear that Parliament is an irrelevance on this urgent matter of national importance.
 "I think the decision about how the government is going to respond to the horrendous humanitarian atrocities we have witnessed is one which is properly taken by the prime minister and the members of the national security council
 "I know the prime minister has said in the past he respects the right of the House of Commons to be kept up to date. I don't think there has been any foreign secretary who has been as assiduous in keeping the House of Commons up to date with not just what's been happening in Syria but with what's been happening elsewhere in the Middle East as William Hague.

So, I am absolutely confident the prime minister and the foreign secretary are the right people to be leading at this time and I think their response so far has been absolutely right in the face of what are horrendous crimes."
There are token nods from the US towards the UN inspectors finding the facts first but the momentum towards military action is in full swing in order to maintain Western 'credibility', the same position held by Madelaine Albright with regards the 78 bombardment of Serbia during the Kosovo Conflict in 1999.

But Syria is not Kosovo and the potential for the conflict to spin out of control as the result of military action far greater.

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