Friday, 5 April 2013

The Folly of Trident, CND and the StWC.

Using North Korea to scare British people into accepting the folly of renewing Trident is just the sort of ruse the pseudo-Tory PM Cameron uses as a PR man. Britain no longer has intelligent diplomats and statesmen. It has those who indulge in "Public Diplomacy" , an oily neologism for propaganda advocacy.

The problem is that neither New Labour nor the "Conservatives" have any foreign policy alternative nor vision beyond renewing Trident at a time of economic crisis. Popular opinion, such as that of CND, remains fruitless is regarded as laughable as it's chaired by former CPGB members as Kate Hudson.

The StWC is equally as absurd. The North Korean Juche regime craves nuclear weapons because it is run my megalomaniac generals who run a regime run by a generation of dictators living and dead .Even China is hostile to this rogue remnant of the high point of the Cold War in the 1950s and wants a diplomatic solution.

Yet instead of defining a principled stand, the StWC is more concerned with only blaming the USA for North Korea wanting to "defend itself". This is why those opposed to such wasteful expenditure on Trident will be sidelined. The vocal and insane ideologues just discredit credible arguments against Trident.

It's almost as though the StWC and CND are run by the sort of cliched paradies of left wing activists portrayed in the 1982 film Who Dares Wins, where anti-nuclearists are either naive idealists or sinister pro-Soviet ideologues and potential terrorists from whom we can only be saved by the SAS and our Special Relationship with the USA.

Such lunacy was expressed by Andrew Murray of the Communist Party of Great Britain in 2003. An apologist for the Soviet Union, a democidal regime unparalleled in history with a huge nuclear arsenal and itself devoted even as late as the 1970s to its version of global "regime change", he opined,
The drive to seize command of the world economy in the interests of its own monopoly groups now propels the US government to seek to seize command of every corner of the world itself. This does not need any amplification in relation to the Middle East at present. But we should also be alert to the very real dangers in the Fareast and around Peoples Korea. The clear desire of the USA to effect ‘regime change’ in its second ‘axis of evil’ target could well provoke an armed clash there, too. Our Party has already made its basic position of solidarity with Peoples Korea clear.
Political report - March 2003 Executive Committee meeting

Removing the Juche regime, which has followed a nuclear programme whilst reducing its people to famine and mass starvation, would be a great acheivement if the diplomatic means were to be found. Despite crude neoconservative rhetoric in 2003, there were no plans to invade North Korea.

North Korea needs containment and not "solidarity" from truly Orwellian cranks such as Andrew Murray. Trident is redundant and useless in challenging North Korea. Only subtle and patient diplomacy can gain freedom for North Korea. And less messianic "Public diplomacy".

Yet i remain pessimistic for the prospects of Britain reneging on it's idiotic obsession with being a Global Player whilst some of the opponents of that vision remain apologists for totalitarianism that hijack the anti-nuclear movement to advance their petty self important careers as "activists".

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