Monday, 29 April 2013

A Note on Syria.

The reason the Syrian Civil was has been exacerbated, as revealed here by Oxford University's Dr Mark Almond, is that from the outset the UK and USA demanded Assad must Go" without thinking about the consequences and chaos that could cause.Mostly this is due To British foreign policies being led those ignorant of the history of the Middle East.

The reason Russia and China are blocking all US decisions in the security council is that the Western poweres lied about only imposing  a "no fly zone". Then they proceeded to funnel arms and material aid to factions in the Libyan opposition to Gaddafi whose brutality was often as bad as the Libyan regime. 

As Syria has no massive oil reserves, it's unlike a ground intervention willl occur. But the impasse has been partly cause by the catastrophic diplomacy of so-called Western "statesmen" and the failure to put pressure on the Saudi regime to stop arming and channelling billions of dollars to the Syrian insurgents. 

That is unlikely as Britain and the USA are heavily dependent upon Saudi Arabia oil, a have multi-million pound arms trade with the regime and, especially, the UK, are dependent upon petrodollars to keep the City of London booming from property investments. The same as as true of Qatar. Britain's foreign policy is craven and reflects its dependency upon imported oil and capital.

With Russia and China unable to trust a duplitous US and UK, still trying to train the "right sunni insurgents" on the ground within Syria, a negotiated settlement that much include Assad is receding. The causualty levels by 2013 stand at around 70,000. There is no end in sight for this brutal Civil War.

Evidently, Assad is poserful enough to resist the Sunni insurgents. And the the way Gaddafi was brutally murdered without a trial, gives Asad every reason to not conceded an inch. The insiurgents have rejected every UN request for a negotiated settlement. As for John McCain is the man is insane for suggesting lifting the arms embargo completely and aligning with sunni jihadists.

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