Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Ken Livingstone Rationalises Terrorism ( Again ).

Here is another power hungry demagogue. It's Red Ken blaming jihadist fanatical attacks wholly as a response to US foreign policy. On Iranian TV. Just as George Galloway praised North Korea on Iranian TV recently.

Livingstone seems to deny any moral agency for the Boston Bombers or that they were, in fact, indoctrinated into a sort of jihadist cult and were, by all accounts unhappy with life in the USA.

The Boston Bombers were Chechens. By all logical premises, their target ought to have been the Great Power that defeated them in the form of Russia. Livingstone'ss predictable response is a rationalisation for terrorism.

As an "explanation" it simply takes what jihadists say at face value. It fails to explain that if US foreign policy alone were responsible for this death cult, then why there has been no Serbian terrorist attack on Britain after the Kosovo War ( 1999). The Boston Bombers were not suicide bombers.

If, as Livingstone claims, 54 countries globally were involved in "extraordinary rendition" ( and that was a decade ago under George Bush, though Guantanamo remains still open ), then it's curious that Poland has not been bombed while Britain was.

The reason is obvious: there is no large Muslim population in Poland and so the aim of terrorism , to provoke a disproportionate response by the police and exacerbate tensions, would be futile. Such obvious considerations are wholly absent from Livingstone's cretinous inability to understand how terrorism works.

Livingstone is a demagogue who seeks the Muslim vote in London by crudely associating Muslims with Islamist fanatics. The reason is he has replaced decent municipal socialism with an unprincipled version of power obsessed identity politics.

Never again should Ken Livingstone be seriously considered a candidate for Major of London. His "explanation" of terrorism is a form of dog whistle politics to disgruntled Islamists that should have no place in London or the United Kingdom.

Livingstone is merely a sententious warbling fool.

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