Friday, 26 April 2013

George Galloway Praises North Korea.

That George Galloway is a demagogue and a dolt is conclusively proved by this rant on Iran's Press TV. The aggressor is not North Korea. Galloways claims from his two visits to North Korea extraordinarily and absolutely cohesive political entity and society which refuses to "bend the knee to great power diktat"

That really is a euphemism precisely for a totalitarian regime that has reduced its population to immiseration and even famine, where North Koreans are reduced to eating grass and tree bark. Bizarrely, Galloway claims the North Koreans have "the right to live". By this he means the repellent hereditary regime of dictators, the Juche regime where worship of the Dear Leader is compulsory.

Ignoring the inner dynamic and workings of a functional totalitarian dictatorship, Galloway conflates all North Koreans with the regime itself. Of course, it is the US and its "puppet state" in South Korea for who are to blame for "causing" the tensions. 

Galloway adores the 'cohesive, pristine, innocent culture of North Korea" which is "untouched by globalisation". In other words, he lauds a totalitarian state modelled on Orwell's dystopian vision in 1984. He is exploiting the ignorance of the younger generation in Britain to peddle his deranged world view and perversely packaging it as real idealism.

In fact words such as "coherent, pristine, innocent culture" could have been words uttered by Joseph Goebbels about Nazi Germany . And this is the man supposedly a humanist and commited socialist and " a man of principle". Galloway's rantss are the consequence of blind hatred against American as if it were the only source of evil in the world.

The totalitarian creeps are hijacking opposition to the foreign policies of Britain and the US and economic dislocation to try to make a comeback. Galloway may well be a flash in the pan. But more and more sharing his demagogic style are always ready to manipulate people and believe in insane conspiracy theories and "the paranoid style of politics"

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