Sunday, 13 November 2016

US Elections 2016 : Donald Trump's Victory

 'I can act differently for different people'.-President Elect Donald Trump.

'He’s a petulant, ignorant child, strangely promoted above the grownups'-Writer Ian McEwan

In November 2016 Donald Trump is President Elect. The fact McEwan do not like him is irrelevant. I don't like him either but he simply isn't stupid as his whole folksy posture is one big act. He never had that accent or used words like 'yuge' or 'bigly' in the past. Not even when he acted the role of ruthless businessman in The Apprentice.

One reason for Trump's victory is that he communicated in very easy conversational and the sort of bar room language that seemed very different from Obama's intelligent and far more thoughtful use of language. Part of that was to show the US had an intelligent leader after George W Bush and his 'catastrophic diplomacy' ( Brzezinski ).

Of course, Trump himself is not 'dumb'. Early interviews going back to the 1980s reveal him as well and softly spoken, using plain language without the raucous New York accent and intonation he adopted when he became a reality TV star or when advertising 'Trump Steaks'. President Trump is a fictional creation made real-by Trump.

In fact, Trump has a sort of cunning and ability to act that shows a sinister clown-like form of intelligence, if not of a higher sort ( certainly nothing in the way of wisdom or moral intelligence ). In truth, he's a pyschopathological type, even though Clinton too was also a liar and a sociopath with mediocre abilities.

But Trump pitched his 'personality' in the market perfectly and knew his audience and shaped himself to represent their unconscious fears,anger and alienation from 'the mainstream'. He was folksy enough to make himself one of the people but appeared clever enough as a businessman to be the 'man to get things done'.

After eight years of Obama and his laboured and pained explanations in foreign policy and seeming failures and humiliations in foreign policy, Trump pitted himself as the 'no bullshit' candidate who was 'telling it like it is' without 'political correctness'. A sharp businessman to get America working again.

As is said in the US 'any solution is better than no solution'. The world in 2016 is incredibly complex, but many electors would seem to have had enough of leaders like Obama over-complicating things in lawyer style speeches or else by calling Islamic State supposedly 'politically correct' names like Daesh instead of 'Radical Islamic Terrorism'

Trump has built on the culture of fear that has grown up in the US since 9/11 in this regard. Both Al Qaida and ISIS have been bigged up as 'civilisational struggles' and 'existential conflicts' by politicians such as Bush, Cheney and Clinton-who also supported the torture of 'terrorist suspects'. McEwan has put this context down the memory hole.

Trump's position is that this is all true but that previous administrations and politicians have simply been too cowardly and weak- or else greedy and self-interested- to put American's interests first. They cause havoc in the Middle East, then they let just anybody in from that region, endangering Americans.

One interesting thing about Trump is that he was prepared to break the oil taboo and state that he only cared about 'grabbing the oil' through striking deals or, if necessary, wars which dispensed with pointless and futile efforts to install democracies or promote human rights in lands where there is no history of them.

In practice, this means, as the future looks certain to be one of pyschopathological wars to take resources, that Trump is looking forward to a more 'realist' and brutal policy in which half-measures are hypocritical and only the use of total force when and where necessary would be both successful and win over 'the people'.

In that sense, Trump is a crude devotee of Machiavelli. His admiration for Putin lies not in wanting somehow to collude with the Russians, as Clinton insinuated, as though a 'traitor' but in standing firm for US interests alone and not for more destructive and self-defeating attempts to 'change the world' for its own good.

This 'no-nonsense' approach was part of his appeal. It is not that his fan base and other electors have foreign policy at the forefront of their minds but that the obsession with meddling, hectoring and lecturing everybody both at home and abroad with human rights nostrums became tiresome and abroad led to pointless conflicts.

Against Hillary Clinton, Trump was effective in exploiting the revulsion a great number of Americans had against the Hypocrite, the one who prates about human rights, the 'need to intervene' against Assad while having 'created' ISIS, the one who advocates 'Love trumps Hate' while being fond of war.

The old tricks of triangulation pursued by Clinton, posing as the US nationalist while advocating US led globalisation for all, advocating tolerance and 'diversity', while being prepared to use force to impose US and so global 'values' failed, as Trump was astute enough to 'cut through the crap' and put America first.

Overall, there are many reasons why Trump has become President. Certainly fielding Hillary Clinton as his rival was the biggest mistake, as was the desire to laugh at him as a buffoon, something which Trump may well have encouraged so as to consolidate his outsider status and one of the real people made good and so sneered at.

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