Sunday, 13 November 2016

US Election 2016 : Slavoj Zizek and Trump as a Force for Change.

Trump's election as next President for 2017 does not mean that progress is history but is part of the cunning of History in it is necessary to destroy the destroyers such as Clinton and the establishment Democrats , the better to blow apart the integument of the existing two party Republican and Democratic system.

Globally famous thinker and left-wing guru, Slavoj Zizek believed in a Trump victory which would force the two existing parties to change and that this would be better than the fake progressive Clinton. She only represents 'inertia'. He seems to think a Trump victory would throw a spanner in the works an create new political realities.

Zizek appears to think it will intensify the contradictions within capitalism and bring about a truly confrontational scenario both with the US and abroad and so new authentic revolutionary possibilities. Out of the wreckage of the old systems will come something new and more vital instead of the continuation of the old moribund system.

On the other hand, maybe Zizek is just a rasping lunatic who keeps rubbing his nose and has been snorting something. After all, out of the wreckage of the old system can come just more wreckage. But that would return history to a base point from which there could only be progress again and where people would be less bored.

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