Wednesday, 7 December 2011

TAPI Pipeline is the "Better Option".

LAHORE, Nov 25: US Ambassador Cameron Munter has said the Pakistan-Iran gas pipeline project is not a good idea and that a pipeline from Turkmenistan through Afghanistan is a better option.

Speaking at the Mega Education Fair 2011 organised by the Lahore University of Management Sciences’ Career Services Office on Friday, he said: “We do not favour the Pakistan-Iran gas pipeline project but consider the Turkmenistan pipeline via Afghanistan as a better project.”


This "better option" ( TAPI pipeline ) explains exactly why soldiers are coming home in body bags, Afghans are being blown to bits in drone attacks, and Iran and western powers are stepping up the war footing. The TAPI would ensure Iran was encircled by a pipeline grid and US/NATO military bases. A prospect Iran will fight to resist by all means possible.

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