Thursday, 22 December 2011

Diary. No Point in Christmas.

Just under a week to Christmas or "Consumermass". It doesn't feel like it and neither do I. The fetid atmosphere and damp autumn drizzle means it isn't like it should be and I'd prefer a dinner on the 25th December but with no mention of the word "Christmas". It just isn't.

Alternatives have been put forth recently such as "Winterval", apparently, to avoid 'offending' Muslims. This is strange. Christmas has little to do with religion anyway, so devout Muslims who feel 'offended' can take relief from that if they actually exist.

In any case, without Christianity, it's a pagan mid winter festival. So without it being winter, it isn't anything and it's therefore obsolete. It only exists now as a way to encourage excessive shopping. Which most consumers do most of the year anyway.

It's absurd that Christmas is portrayed in film and on innumerable Christmas cards as a time of snow, hot roasted chestnuts with Santa Claus racing through snow on a sleigh with reindeer it's ridiculous with in a northern Europe now undergoing global warming. It's like having Tarzan flouncing around in midwinter Finland.

If Christmas was not an annual shopping ritual it would have no function at all.

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