Saturday, 1 January 2011


"Bidisha" as an Nu-Establishment media brand....

"Bidisha is a regular contributor to Newsnight Review, Front Row and Saturday Review as well as guest presenting for The World Service books show, The Word, and various other TV and radio assignments. She is also a regular contributor to the Guardian and the Observer. Her third book, the travel memoir Venetian Masters is published by Summersdale"

papers with commentary by those who espouse self opinionated lifestyle radicalism is annoying. One of the worst offenders is the boring and arrogant "Bidisha".

Why the hell this total nonentity is elevated to comment on art or "life" is curious. Supposedly a novelist, she cannot write well but in articles for the Guardian "Bidisha" has been given a column entitled a Thought for the Day.

Today she looked at a US survey in Utah couples who abstain from
sex before marriage rate their marriages as more rewarding than those who don't. She opines,
What if, on the wedding night, the other party turns out to be selfish, clueless, oafish and lazy? What if they've learned everything from porn? Porn is not sex but in fact a very elaborate and ritualised form of avant garde performance art.
Yeah, like, what if ? The immediate reaction by any sane person is no "porn is not what she says it is". Porn is simulated sex or actual sex designed to market it to people who want to fantasise. Some porn can be radical avant garde. Some is just the kind of writing and pictures in Paul Desmond publications.

Subjecting media tattle about "optimum marriages" to criticism to make sarcastic comments is more media tattle and does not rise above the presumed stupidity of the subject matter which is being criticised. Attacking the idea of fantasy about a future perfect sex life, "Bidisha" groans,
Anyway, all this talk about optimal wedlock baffles me. I'd rather eat broken glass. Indeed that's probably how I'll spend my middle years: munching fistfuls of shattered windscreen in blissful solitude...
Well, don't talk about it then. As for the broken glass idea.....

Meanwhile ordinary people struggle on with the process of trying to find work. "Bidisha" probably gets paid for this. Which is why bloggers get annoyed when they stumble across this and rant at it. One reason to just ignore this kind of drivel. Many people are bitter in our society. Bitterness is one of its main qualities. They know they could be like Bidisha. Like any pop star or "celeb"
. After all, she's useless.

What is important is that this chicken brained bint really is an Establishment media figure whom the BBC wastes money on promoting this self promoting and boring person no less than The Guardian. She's promoted by the British Council. Yet she has no talent and no discernible concern with other humans.
Nothing of interest to say about Britain or the world. Nothing. She just represents it.

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