Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Notes on Islamism.

It has often been claimed that radical Islamists in Europe are petty fringe groups most not even anywhere near as popular nor as organised in Europe as Le Pen, BNP, Northern League, and the far right who win votes and are household names supported by hundreds of thousands of white Europeans.

The BNP have not had one MP. Respect had one MP called George Galloway and that was a part made up from and supported by those in the Muslim Association of Britain, those such as Anas Altikriti and Soumaya Ghannoushi who offered ideological rationalisations for Islamist revolutionary violence.

The mass mobilisation of Muslims based on agitation and propaganda has been far more effective than the BNP as it was backed by useful idiots on the so-called "anti-war" left who claimed to oppose "state terrorism" only to then go on to call those in Iraq murdering others as "resistance".

The fact that the US government along with the UK in Iraq ordered their forces to collude with Shia groups in killing other sectarian insurgents is the promotion of a dirty war and terror as well hardly justifies trying to rationalise bringing home that violence to the West.

There has as yet been no anti-war movement capable of making a case against these bad wars that has not been hijacked by ideological fanatics. Ghannoushi's shrill, sinister and militant position made it quite clear that Islamism entailed that Islam was a hyper identity that transcended borders.

Ghannoushi wrote in the Guardian ( Driving the world to insanity, Friday 11 August 2006 )
In this globalised age dominated by the power of the image, the notion of geography has almost been stripped of content. Tragedies in Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and other faraway lands enter our homes and settle into the fabric of our daily lives. They can no longer be kept away, to rage in distant lands and devour obscure nations. They inevitably spill over our shores, cities and villages, lay bare our vulnerability and put an end to our sense of immunity.
There is is nothing ' inevitable' about the terrorism or carnage in the Middle East being visited upon the West unless one is prepared to ascribe all forms of Islamist militancy and terrorism as a reflex action to "racism" and "imperialism" within Europe, with Muslims posited as some new 'wretched of the earth'.

The more fringe radical Islamist sects of Hizb ut Tahrir have been less important in that sense than those Islamo-Bolsheviks who attempted to penetrate the mainstream and who have continued to try and gain political influence through presuming to speak up for the ummah as a politic-religious entity.

Movements such as the MAB and Respect used the language of the Western anti-imperial left to regenerate militancy and play on the spectre of a revolt of Muslims against imperialism to force a change in foreign policy and make strident demands upon the basis of group rights in a dangerously divisive way.

Respect was never simply a coalition of "reactionary" Islamists, though many were just that. Those like Salma Yaqoob were progressives and turned to Islamism as it offered a way of making sense of the world. The 7/7 bombings were thus "reprisal attacks" for the invasion of Iraq.

What was important was to mobilise Muslims as a political force by explaining away terror attacks as merely a reaction to imperialism that just would not have happened had "the West" not oppressed the "Muslim World" as it had since the decline of the Ottoman Empire from the eighteenth century.

By using the veiled threat of further violence which was never justified but always by some lofty metaphysical process merely "explained" or "understandable" , that could be used to ratchet up tensions in such a way as to advance Islamist agendas and "community" spokesmen to power.

This remained the problem. Having agitated for Muslims to identify with the global ummah, grievances can be universally transferred from the Muslim World to the West and from nation to nation within a Western Europe that had rejected and trashed its own enduring cultural inheritance and civilisation.

Exposing and dissecting the psychopathology behind Islamo-Bolshevism is both what is needed in the battle of ideas no less than to prevent terrorism through finding alternatives to oil and gas, the backing of despotic regimes such as Saudi Arabia, foolish interventionist policies and curtailing mass immigration.

All of these factors are interrelated but never discussed as such as its too painful to admit the real and potentially intractable nature of conflicts that have grown up primarily due to the West being dangerously dependent upon the oil that fuels consumer growth at the expense of those living in the "Muslim World".

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  1. "There has as yet been no anti-war movement capable of making a case against these bad wars that has not been hijacked by ideological fanatics."

    Not true, there was and it wasn't hijacked by ideological fanatics but subverted my UK state security infiltrators.