Monday, 21 May 2012


Peter Hitchens has written a pretty accurate summary of the utter incompetence and stupidity of the transnational EU elites. He writes,

' the EU’s ‘experts’ and ‘technocrats’ insanely destroy the economies of Greece, Spain and Italy, it must now surely be obvious to everyone.
The EU, far from being a bright future, offers nothing but bankruptcy and decline.
If the old USSR was an Evil Empire – and it was – the EU is the Stupid Empire. Obsessed with the idea that the nation state is obsolete, the EU has sought to bind its colonies tightly, while pretending they are still independent'
 Unfortunately, Hitchens fails to grasp that this "post modern imperium" is not just about the supposed economic benefits of having large trading blocks and the attendant political clout this is meant to give Europe in global affairs.

As the extension of NATO eastwards demonstrates a lot of it is about access to the diversified pipeline supply routes, one reason both Ukraine and Turkey are being touted for EU entry.

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  1. And interestingly, the most populous and influential EU state is intimately tied up in a gas partnership with Russia, which has exerted its not always benign influence over Ukraine in order to prevent it from throwing off the Russian yoke and determining its own actions. So you could say that the EU is schizophrenic, in that way. Or maybe the truth is that within that complexity, there could in fact be a balance which could work or not work - although for some, it seems that it's only ever 'western' countries ambitions are seen as suspect - possibly a by-product of middle-class guilt?